Brentwood Golf Lessons

in association with
Harman Golf Academy 

With over 25 years coaching experience I know every player is different and that for a player to improve they need support beyond the traditional lesson. My mantra is..

"Learn in Lessons,

Perfect through Practice"

That's why Harman Golf Academy students have access to the latest technology (skytrak , Gasp ) and free post lesson support


My Lessons



(and access to my guarantee results plan)

£30- 1hr

Realise a golfing DREAM by booking a consultation where we analyse each part of your game. At the end of the session I present talk through a bespoke development plan that I can guarantee the results of.


Advanced Short Game

£50 - 50mins

In-depth review (skytrak) to get you up and down from 100yards but improving both pitching, chipping and putting,

Golf club and ball

On The Course

£55 4-holes  /  £80 9-holes

Swinging well on the range but not scoring well ? a review of your mindset, routine, course strategy while on the course will provide greater access to delivering lower scores.

Golf Course Aerial Shot

One to One

£55 - 50mins / £35 - 30mins

Lesson(s) to improve specific aspect(s)  of your game (Driving, irons, pitching, putting) using technology (skytrak launch monitor and GASP video analysis).


About Me

Both during and post my playing career I have worked at Theydon Bois GC, Abridge GCC, Brentwood Driving Range & Warley Park GC and helped 1,000's of golfers to reach their potential from beginners to professional. My passion has always been in coaching to help others enjoy and play better golf.


Contact Me

Mobile : 07879622705

I will contact you within 24hrs